Richard V. Grigsby

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The pathogenesis and molecular basis of nerve cell death which accompanies scrapie infections in sheep are not well understood. Degeneration of neurons in culture caused by prion protein fragments has recently been reported to be consistent with mechanisms of cell death by apoptosis or programmed cell death. Apoptosis activation during prion-related(More)
Monoclonal antibody technology has improved over recent years. However, there remains a serious problem with regard to the stability and antibody production of the hybrid cell lines. In order to investigate the potential increased sensitivity of hybridomas to DNA damage, we produced a monoclonal antibody producing cell line in our laboratory. Three types of(More)
Dear Editor: The cryopreservation of eukaryotic cell lines is a routine laboratory technique. Freezing agents such as glycerol or dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO) are commonly used to preserve cells through the freezing process and alleviate damage such as mechanical injury by ice crystal formation, concentration of electrolytes, pH changes, dehydration and(More)
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