Richard V. Field

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This study presents a combined analytical and experimental effort to characterize and improve the ride qua/;ty of the Department Of Energy fractork?i/er combination. The focus is to augment the experimental test results with the use of a high quality computer model. The discussion includes an overview of the finite element model of the vehicle and(More)
We present a detailed study on data collection, graph construction, and sampling in Twitter. We observe that sampling on semantic graphs (i.e., graphs with multiple edge types) presents fundamentally distinct challenges from sampling on traditional graphs. The purpose of our work is to present new challenges and initial solutions for sampling semantic(More)
This report summarizes a three-year project to characterize and improve the ride quality of the Department of Energy (DOE) tractor/trailer. A high-fidelity computer model was used to simulate the vibrational response in the passenger compartment of the truck due to a common roadway environment. It is the intensity of this response that is indicative of the(More)
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