Richard Tompkins

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A 2-year, controlled, double-blind trial of D-penicillamine and hydroxychloroquine either alone or in combination was conducted on patients with progressive rheumatoid arthritis. The group given D-penicillamine alone improved most, but a linear fall-off in efficacy occurred. Surprisingly, the group receiving combination drug therapy did not fare as well as(More)
A gene that is homologous to the Ehrlichia chaffeensis groEL operon was recovered and characterized by broad-range PCR amplification of whole blood from patients with human granulocytic ehrlichiosis (HGE) and from infected HL60 cell cultures. Sequence analysis of an 820-bp DNA fragment recovered directly from human blood showed 76.5 and 76.3% identity with(More)
A review of the clinical features of seven patients with sporotrichosis arthritis showed that six had joint infection without previous skin or lung involvement and that one with myelofibrosis had joint and skin infection. The average time from onset of joint symptoms to diagnosis was 25 months, resulting in joint damage that required arthrodesis in four(More)
Gout is rarely noted as a clinical problem in secondary polycythemia-- even if profound polycythemia exists, as in cyanotic congenital heart disease. A retrospective study of 81 patients with congenital heart disease was done to assess the incidence of hyperuricemia. Twenty of 46 patients with cyanotic congenital heart disease had serum levels of uric acid(More)
An electrical potential difference (PD) is measured between maternal organism and fetus in the pregnant guinea pig. To investigate whether the PD is generated by active or passive forces these studies examined the temperature dependence of the PD in guinea pigs at 55-61 days gestation. Anesthesia was induced (ketamine, 44 mg/kg) and maintained (halothane,(More)
iii Acknowledgements The Schroeder Center for Healthcare Policy at the College of William & Mary gratefully acknowledges the staff and leadership at First Chesapeake Group (FCG) of Annapolis, MD. FCG was established in 1987 to provide consulting services to senior executives, lawyers, and government officials in the healthcare industry who are responsible(More)