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We prove that polarised manifolds that admit a constant scalar curvature Kähler (cscK) metric satisfy a condition we call slope semistability. That is, we define the slope µ for a projective manifold and for each of its subschemes, and show that if X is cscK then µ(Z) ≤ µ(X) for all subschemes Z. This gives many examples of manifolds with Kähler classes(More)
We make a systematic study of the Hilbert-Mumford criterion for different notions of stability for polarised algebraic varieties (X, L); in particular for K-and Chow stability. For each type of stability this leads to a concept of slope µ for varieties and their subschemes; if (X, L) is semistable then µ(Z) ≤ µ(X) for all Z ⊂ X. We give examples such as(More)
1 Introduction Calabi–Yau m-folds are compact Ricci-flat Kähler manifolds (M, J, g) of complex dimension m, with trivial canonical bundle K M. Taken together, the complex structure J, Kähler metric g, and a holomorphic section Ω of K M make up a rich, fairly rigid geometrical structure with very interesting properties — for instance, Calabi–Yau m-folds(More)
A detailed description of the skull and jaw of the gecko Sphaerodactylus roosevelti is presented. The bones are described articulated and isolated with special consideration given to the type of suture among joining elements. S. roosevelti was compared with 109 gekkotan species to evaluate the osteological variation and to find characters for cladistic(More)
We prove mirror symmetry for supersymmetric sigma models on Kahler manifolds in 1+1 dimensions. The derivation involves establishing the equivalence of the gauged linear sigma model, embedded in a theory with an enlarged gauge symmetry, with a Landau-Ginzburg theory of Toda type. Standard R → 1/R duality and dynamical generation of superpotential by(More)
The watersheds in which we live are comprised of a complex set of physical and social systems that interact over a range of spatial and temporal scales. These systems are continually evolving in response to changing climatic patterns, land use practices and the increasing intervention of humans. Management of these watersheds benefits from the development(More)
BACKGROUND Cigarette smoke is a major source of free radicals and oxidative stress. With a significant proportion of women still smoking during pregnancy, this common and avoidable exposure has the potential to influence infant oxidative status, which is implicated in the increased propensity for airway inflammation and asthma. The aim of this study was to(More)
Worm-like snakes (scolecophidians) are small, burrowing species with reduced vision. Although largely neglected in vertebrate research, knowledge of their biogeographical history is crucial for evaluating hypotheses of snake origins. We constructed a molecular dataset for scolecophidians with detailed sampling within the largest family, Typhlopidae(More)
OBJECTIVE Web-based patient information is widespread and information on the benefits and risks of treatments is often difficult to understand. We therefore evaluated different risk presentation formats - numerical, graphical and others - addressing the pros and cons of tight control versus usual treatment approaches for diabetes. METHOD DESIGN(More)