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We measured the short-term direct and long-term indirect effects of elevated CO 2 on leaf dark respiration of loblolly pine (Pinus taeda) and sweetgum (Liquidambar styraci-flua) in an intact forest ecosystem. Trees were exposed to ambient or ambient + 200 m m m m mol mol-1 atmospheric CO 2 using free-air carbon dioxide enrichment (FACE) technology. After(More)
Contents Introduction: Practical Political Analysis Five Strategic Guidelines 1. Democracy has differential outcomes for the poor 2. States create and shape the political opportunities for the poor 3. There is no reason to expect that decentralisation will be pro-poor 4. There is a wide range of possibilities for pro-poor political alliances 5. Many of the(More)
The response of understory species to elevated temperatures is not well understood but is important because these plants are highly sensitive to their growth conditions. Three-year-old plants of Panax quinquefolius, an understory herb endemic to the eastern deciduous forests of North America, were grown in a greenhouse at 25/20°C (day/night) or 30/25°C for(More)
What is the core of Computing? This paper defines the discipline of computing as centered around the notion of modeling, especially those models that are automatable and automatically manipulable. We argue that this central idea crucially connects models with languages and machines rather than focusing on and around computational artifacts, and that it(More)
Contact with poison ivy (Toxicodendron radicans) is one of the most widely reported ailments at poison centers in the United States, and this plant has been introduced throughout the world, where it occurs with other allergenic members of the cashew family (Anacardiaceae). Approximately 80% of humans develop dermatitis upon exposure to the carbon-based(More)
It is becoming feasible and practical to monitor the generic computer usage of students for extended periods, recording low level actions such as mouse clicks, typing and window changes. This paper presents a case study on the deployment of GRUMPS technology during a period of six weeks when 4.7 million such actions were collected from 141 first year(More)
We are pleased to present our report on Data Sharing. As recent events have shown, this is a topic that is timely, important and a matter of great public interest and concern. We have consulted widely in order to inform our thinking. Decisions about the extent of data sharing go to the heart of the fundamental democratic debate about the relationship(More)