Richard Thomas

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What is the core of Computing? This paper defines the discipline of computing as centered around the notion of modeling, especially those models that are automatable and automatically manipulable. We argue that this central idea crucially connects models with languages and machines rather than focusing on and around computational artifacts, and that it(More)
BACKGROUND Chronic disease accounts for nearly three-quarters of US deaths, yet prevalence rates are not consistently reported at the state level and are not available at the sub-state level. This makes it difficult to assess trends in prevalence and impossible to measure sub-state differences. Such county-level differences could inform and direct the(More)
In this paper we describe the cases developed in response to the multifaceted challenges we faced in educating IT professionals in intermediate-level programming. The challenges included: the practical nature of the subject, the level of skill attained, preparing students for the workplace and class size. We implemented Problem-Based Learning (PBL) as the(More)
Most robot manipulators are poor at measuring and controlling forces, especially force of contact. At the innermost control loops these force estimates are needed to control compliance. At a more general level identifying when contact occurs, and the forces involved, are elemental requirements in building cognitive information that allow robots to adapt to(More)
Our conclusion that a Juniperus virginiana stand in the central Appalachian Mountains is recovering from decades of acid deposition was based on tree ring carbon isotope ratios (δ 13 C) that show: (i) close correspondence between the timing of changes in direction of δ 13 C with declines in SO 2 emissions occurring after the Clean Air Act; (ii) close(More)