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Cucurbit[n]urils (CB[n]) are macrocyclic host molecules with subnanometer dimensions capable of binding to gold surfaces. Aggregation of gold nanoparticles with CB[n] produces a repeatable, fixed, and rigid interparticle separation of 0.9 nm, and thus such assemblies possess distinct and exquisitely sensitive plasmonics. Understanding the plasmonic(More)
This paper describes a virtual factory in which almost any manufacturing process can be deened, modelled, and then carried out. The results of this are designs of the components manufactured (in the form of geometric models) and part programs and process plans for their manufacture. Both of these can subsequently be reloaded into the virtual factory and(More)
helpful comments in different stages of the work. The usual disclaimers apply. ABSTRACT: This paper aims to understand some of the mechanisms which dominate the phenomenon of knowledge diffusion in the process that is called 'social learning'. We examine how knowledge spreads in a network in which agents interact by word of mouth. The social network is(More)
Interrogating individual molecules within bio-membranes is key to deepening our understanding of biological processes essential for life. Using Raman spectroscopy to map molecular vibrations is ideal to non-destructively 'fingerprint' biomolecules for dynamic information on their molecular structure, composition and conformation. Such tag-free tracking of(More)