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[1] An M w 6.5 earthquake devastated the town of Bam in southeast Iran on 26 December 2003. Surface displacements and decorrelation effects, mapped using Envisat radar data, reveal that over 2 m of slip occurred at depth on a fault that had not previously been identified. It is common for earthquakes to occur on blind faults which, despite their name,(More)
A range of isolation procedures including washing, sonication and incubation in nutrient broth were used separately and in combination to obtain potential bacterial antagonists to Botrytis cinerea and Pythium mamillatum from the testae and cotyledons of peas and dwarf French beans. Heat treatment was also used to bias this selection towards spore-forming(More)
Comparison of the nucleotide sequences of "structural" RNAs (ribosomal and transfer RNA) has enabled the construction of phylogenetic trees to be achieved. Data from 16S rRNA, 5S rRNA, and tRNA from a total of eight Mollicutes (excluding T. acidophilum) including representatives of the families Mycoplasmataceae, Spiroplasmataceae, and Acholeplasmataceae,(More)
Composite resin shrinks during polymerization producing marginal gaps around composite restorations. While incremental placement of composite resin has been used to control shrinkage, this technique is time consuming. Curing lights have been developed with varying outputs and curing cycles to speed curing and reduce marginal gaps in composite restorations.(More)
Shigella is one of the leading pathogens contributing to the vast pediatric diarrheal disease burden in low-income countries. No licensed vaccine is available, and the existing candidates are only partially effective and serotype specific. Shigella type III secretion system proteins IpaB and IpaD, which are conserved across Shigella spp., are candidates for(More)
AIMS To develop bacterial inoculation treatments on sugar-beet seed that will maintain a commercially acceptable degree of viability for a minimum of 4 months storage at ambient temperature. METHODS AND RESULTS Single rifampicin-resistant (Rif(+)) strains of both Gram-positive and negative bacterial isolates (mostly pseudomonads) were applied in turn to(More)
Antagonism against the grey mould pathogen Botrytis cinerea by Pseudomonas antimicrobica was demonstrated in vitro and in vivo. Cell-free filtrates showed activity against B. cinerea growing on Potato Dextrose Agar (PDA) in a media-dependent manner with the most distinct antagonism being produced in Czapek Dox Broth (CDB). Cell-free filtrates of CDB-grown(More)
Working with wavelengths shorter than the deep ultraviolet involves the development of dedicated optics for free-electron lasers with devoted coating techniques and characterizations. High-performance deep-ultraviolet optics are specially developed to create low-loss, high-reflectivity dielectric mirrors with long lifetimes in harsh synchrotron radiation(More)
The use of direct posterior resin-based composite has increased primarily due to patient esthetic desires and product improvements. Other factors (substantiated or not) contributing to increased use of resin-based composite are environmental and health concerns with dental amalgam. New visible light cured resin-based composite products are introduced(More)
AIMS To establish whether germination of Botrytis cinerea was affected by the symbiosis of Bacillus subtilis L-form bacteria with Chinese cabbage. METHODS AND RESULTS Germinating seeds of Chinese cabbage were co-cultivated with either L-forms of Bacillus subtilis or 5% (w/v) mannitol by soaking for 3 h. Seeds were then washed in sterile water, sown on a(More)