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A temporal database contains time-varying data. In a real-time database transactions have deadlines or timing constraints. In this paper we review the substantial research in these two previously separate areas. First we characterize the time domain; then we investigate temporal and real-time data models. We evaluate temporal and real-time query languages(More)
The relational algebra is a procedural query language for relational databases. In this paper we survey extensions of the relational algebra that can query databases recording time-varying data. Such an algebra is a critical part of a temporal DBMS. We identify 26 criteria that provide an objective basis for evaluating temporal algebras, Seven of the(More)
In <italic>valid-time indeterminacy</italic> it is known that an event stored in a database did in fact occur, but it is not known exactly <italic>when</italic>. In this paper we extend the SQL data model and query language to support valid-time indeterminacy. We represent the occurrence time of an event with a set of possible instants, delimiting when the(More)