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<i>Recently, attention has been focussed on</i> historical databases <i>(HDBs), representing an enterprise over time. We have developed a new language,</i> TQuel, <i>to query an HDB. TQuel is a superset of Quel, the query language in the Ingres relational database management system. This paper provides an overview of the language, motivating the various(More)
Outline • Temporal database • Real-time database Temporal Database • Time as an important domain • Valid time and transaction time – Valid time models events in reality – Trans. time models facts known by database • Temporal data, Temporal database – A database that supports some aspect of time. – He went to live on his own in Bigtown. Although he moved out(More)
The relational algebra is a procedural query language for relational databases. In this paper we survey extensions of the relational algebra that can query databases recording time-varying data. Such an algebra is a critical part of a temporal DBMS. We identify 26 criteria that provide an objective basis for evaluating temporal algebras, Seven of the(More)
In <italic>valid-time indeterminacy</italic> it is known that an event stored in a database did in fact occur, but it is not known exactly <italic>when</italic>. In this paper we extend the SQL data model and query language to support valid-time indeterminacy. We represent the occurrence time of an event with a set of possible instants, delimiting when the(More)
Aggregate computation, such as selecting the minimum attribute value of a relation, is expensive, especially in a temporal database. We describe the basic techniques behind computing aggregates in conventional databases and show that these techniques are not efficient when applied to temporal databases. We examine the problem of computing constant intervals(More)