Richard T Smith

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BACKGROUND In order to maintain the most comprehensive structural annotation databases we must carry out regular updates for each proteome using the latest profile-profile fold recognition methods. The ability to carry out these updates on demand is necessary to keep pace with the regular updates of sequence and structure databases. Providing the highest(More)
When thymus cells which are unresponsive to LPS are combined with numbers of peripheral lymphoid cells giving minimal responses to LPS, synergistic incorporation of [3H]thymidine occurs. Synergy requires that both components proliferate, but most of the augmented response is the result of peripheral cell proliferation. The thymus cell is a T cell of(More)
Introgression of genetically engineered modifications (GMs) into natural populations represents a new realm for mutation theory. GMs, like mutations, have direct and pleiotropic impacts that can disrupt evolved adaptive suites. If GM males are more competitive or attractive mates, the “Trojan Gene Hypothesis” predicts potentially drastic impacts. We(More)
Radiation-induced bystander signaling has been found to occur in live rainbow trout fish (Oncorhynchus mykiss). This article reports identification of key proteomic changes in a bystander reporter cell line (HaCaT) grown in low-dose irradiated tissue-conditioned media (ITCM) from rainbow trout fish. In vitro explant cultures were generated from the skin of(More)
Immunocompetent mouse thymus cell subsets (TH-2) cultured with allogeneic TH-2 cells, required a peripheral lymphoid cell in order to generate specifically cytotoxic T cells (CTL) in vitro. The helper cell is identified as a B cell, and can be supplied either in the mixture of target or responding peripheral cells, or in optimal ratios of 10:1 to 20:1 as(More)
Synthetic protocols and circular dichroism (CD) spectra are reported for a series of oligomers of (R,R)-trans-2-aminocyclopentanecarboxylic acid (trans-ACPC). The two longest oligomers, a hexamer and an octamer, have also been examined crystallographically. Both crystal structures show that the-peptide backbone adopts a regular helix that is defined by a(More)
(2006) High throughput profile-profile based fold recognition for the entire human proteome. It is advisable to refer to the publisher's version if you intend to cite from the work. All outputs in CentAUR are protected by Intellectual Property Rights law, including copyright law. Copyright and IPR is retained by the creators or other copyright holders.(More)
Date dissertation is presented Typed by Jane Kurokawa for Acknowledgements In proceeding to the final examination for the Ph.D. degree, I had many mentors, chronologically they are: However, the dissertation manuscript can only be produced through consultation with, and expert guidance from, the degree committee: (Sedimentation section) deserves special(More)
Spleen cells stimulated by concanavalin A (Con A) produce a factor or factors (T celt-growth factor [TCCF]), TCGF-S, that stimulates T cell replication (1-9). The production of TCGF-S involves at least two cell types, a Thy-1 + cell and an Ia + cell (1, 2). The subpopulation of T cells that yields TCGF-S appears to be Lyt-1 +2-3-(3-5, I0). It is not known(More)
Lymphoid cells stimulated by soluble tumour antigens in the MCA-induced murine fibrosarcoma system have been identified by subclass and protective capacity in adoptive syngeneic hosts. Lymph-node or spleen cells taken at weekly intervals after inoculation of syngeneic chemically induced fibrosarcomas were enriched by 3 methods in T, B, and "null" cell(More)