Richard T. Shann

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The Manchester Content Addressable Image Database is ageneric tool which has been designed for image informatics and computer vision problems. The system stores pre-compuied feature tokens, which are obtained by conventional processing of the input images, into a database which is accessed by a specialised query language (M VQL [1 ]). The M VQL is based on(More)
A new method of detecting features in Gaussian smoothed images is described. Applied to the simple case of marking the Canny edge pixels the method gives an improved response at comers where traditional methods have problems. Moreover, the method permits marking of more sophisticated features at essentially no extra cost. Additional information available(More)
A new class of oriented, curvature sensitive filters are introduced. These filters provide a low-level detection facility for noisy curves without a prior edge extraction stage. The application of these filters to the detection of Carboniferous Foraminifers (a type of microfossil found in plane rock sections) is described. A symbolic representation of the(More)