Richard T. Jones

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Graslandes überstiegen haben. Abstract Composite fingerprinting represents an effective method of reconstructing sediment-source changes in remote areas where long-term hydrological and sediment accretion records do not exist. A ca. 50-year record of sediment deposition was determined for a small catchment at Shudu, situated in northwest Yunnan Province,(More)
A Holocene palaeorecord from Lake Shudu, Yunnan Province, southwestern China is dominated by (1) a pronounced basin-wide sedimentary hiatus after ca. 7.2 kcal yr BP, spanning some 4,000 years and (2) significant changes in sediment source/supply and an increase in heavy metal influx coupled with a shift to more eutrophic lake conditions from ca. 0.9 kcal yr(More)
One of the major considerations in planning photoproduction experiments is the choice of technique for generating the photon beam. Several possibilities exist, chieey Compton-backscattered laser beams, tagged and untagged bremsstrahlung, and coherent bremsstrahlung from a crystal. In a coherent bremsstrahlung beam, collimation can be used to suppress the(More)
The Greenland Stadial 1 (GS-1; ~12.9 to 11.65 kyr cal BP) was a period of North Atlantic cooling, thought to have been initiated by North America fresh water runoff that caused a sustained reduction of North Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation (AMOC), resulting in an antiphase temperature response between the hemispheres (the 'bipolar seesaw'). Here(More)
Palaeo-records from China (Cheng et al., 2009; Wang et al., 2008, 2001) demonstrate the East Asian Summer Monsoon (EASM) is dominated by abrupt and large magnitude monsoon shifts on millennial timescales, switching between periods of high and weak monsoon rains. It has been hypothesised that over these timescales, the EASM 5 exhibits two stable states with(More)
from Burdine to his wife describing life in Indian Territory, especially in the town of Tishomingo, and his work as a member of the Dawes Commission. _____________________ Folders 1-5 consist of correspondence describing Indian Territory, and Burdine's work as a member of the Dawes Commission.
To get the physics out of the data, GlueX relies entirely on an amplitude-based analysisâ€"PWA(Partial Wave Analysis). We build a grid test platform to verify how computational and data grid can be used to process large scale dataset in PWA, and make PWA toolkit to be grid-enable. The work we did has demonstrated that grid is a promising(More)
X-ray rocking curve and topograph measurements were carried out at CHESS in Cornell University in November 2006. The purpose of this experiment was to check if the X-ray facility at CHESS is suitable to be used for GlueX in assessing diamond crystal quality and investigating radiation damage and surface deformation induced by milling. After modifying the C1(More)
A study has been performed of the reaction p ¯ p→4K Ϯ using in-flight antiprotons from 1.1 to 2.0 GeV/c incident momentum interacting with a hydrogen jet target. The reaction is dominated by the production of a pair of ␾ mesons. The p ¯ p→␾␾ cross section rises sharply above threshold and then falls continuously as a function of increasing antiproton(More)
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