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Abstruct-Oblique projection operators are used to project measurements onto a low-rank subspace along a direction that is oblique to the subspace. They may be used to enhance signals while nulling interferences. In this paper, we give several basic results for oblique projections, including formulas for constructing oblique projections with desired range(More)
Metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) offer an attractive alternative to traditional hard and soft templates for nanocluster synthesis because their ordered crystalline lattice provides a highly controlled and inherently understandable environment. We demonstrate that MOFs are stable hosts for metal hydrides proposed for hydrogen storage and their reactive(More)
We demonstrate a novel method to monitor the total angular distribution of the spectrum of hard x-ray emission from a plasma generated with femtosecond laser pulses with an intensity of 5 x 10(18) W/cm2 on a solid target. Measured and calculated angular distributions of x rays show a pronounced anisotropy for MeV photon energies. We complemented the(More)
Through the use of simultaneous thermogravimetry modulated beam mass spectrometry, optical microscopy, hot-stage time-lapsed microscopy, and scanning electron microscopy measurements, the physical and chemical processes that control the thermal decomposition of 1,3,5-trinitrohexahydro-s-triazine (RDX) below its melting point (160-189 degrees C) have been(More)
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