Richard T. Antony

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Grid computing links disparate computers having free resources to form a low cost infrastructure. Grid computing can provide enormous opportunities for organizations to use resources from multiple geographical locations. For efficient utilization of available resources, grid scheduling plays an important role in the grid system. Scheduling is challenging in(More)
The paper summarizes work to date directed at defining a service-based functional decomposition of the fusion process. The resulting architecture accommodates (1) traditional sensor data, as well as human-generated input, (2) streaming and nonstreaming data, and (3) the fusion of both physical and non-physical entities. Fifteen base level fusion services(More)
–Subsequent revisions to the JDL model modified definitions for model usefulness that stressed differentiation between fusion (estimation) and sensor management (control). Two diverging groups include one pressing for fusion automation (JDL revisions) and one advocating the role of the user (User-Fusion model). The center of debate is real-world delivery of(More)
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