Richard Stringer

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We tested the reliability of noninvasive cardiac output (CO) measurement in different body positions by pulse contour analysis (CO(pc)) by using a transmission line model (K. H. Wesseling, B. De Wit, J. A. P. Weber, and N. T. Smith. Adv. Cardiol. Phys. 5, Suppl. II: 16-52, 1983). Acetylene rebreathing (CO(rebr)) was used as a reference method. Twelve(More)
The mechanical oscillation of the heart is fundamental during insect metamorphosis, but it is unclear how morphological changes affect its mechanical dynamics. Here, the micromechanical heartbeat with the monarch chrysalis (Danaus plexippus) during metamorphosis is compared with the structural changes observed through in vivo magnetic resonance imaging(More)
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