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The UCT IMS Client is a free open source implementation of a 3GPP IMS Client. The project was started with the goal of creating a flexible and extensible code base for researchers and industry specialists to use the many communication services offered by the IMS. Since its inception in 2006 the client has grown, both in terms of its stability and its(More)
The 3GPP IMS is a next generation network architecture aimed at bringing the features and rich services of the Internet to the telephony world. Traditionally telephony products are developed by large companies with access to the proprietary solutions required for PSTN products. However, the shift to a packet-switched architecture and open Internet protocols(More)
The experiments showed that it is possible to successfully design a socket using a computer based socket model. Variability of results, however indicates the existence of shortcomings. These were identified as inadequacies in the caliper method used to measure the stumps; inability to make the sockets total contact; lack of flexibility of the design process(More)
—The IP Multimedia Subsystem is an architectural framework for delivering multimedia services over an Internet Protocol (IP) network. Originally, it was specified for wireless networks, but has since evolved to incorporate fixed line access as well. It forms part of a Next Generation Network (NGN) which is defined as a packet-based network where the service(More)
Numerous studies have examined and predicted the usage of e-commerce Web sites using the Technology Acceptance Model and its primary constructs of perceived usefulness and perceived ease of use. Smith (2008) conducted an empirical study of four e-commerce Web sites with participation from a unique and often understudied segment of the population – the(More)