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PURPOSE The primary aim of this study was to examine whether parent affect and child temperament characteristics differ across feeding styles in low-income families, given suggestive evidence. The secondary aim was to examine whether feeding styles were still related to children's body mass index independent of parent affect, child temperament, and known(More)
The purpose of this study was to examine the separate effects of contraction force and frequency on postexercise hyperemia in the human calf muscle. Nine male subjects were used. Each was seated in a chair with the right foot on a pedal coupled to a load cell and the knee secured. Calf muscle blood flow, measured by a Whitney gauge, was determined before(More)
The Ob protein leptin has been shown to be closely correlated with measures of body fat in humans and animals. Studies have suggested that there are both gender and ethnic differences in serum leptin concentrations, even after controlling for total and relative body fat and body mass index. We hypothesized that gender and ethnic differences in serum leptin(More)
This empirical study examined the relationship between information technology (IT) utilization and hospital financial performance. Using primary and secondary data, we specified and tested a series of regression models that examined this relationship in Florida hospitals. In addition, we employed performance group analysis for a select group of operational(More)
“Clinical inertia” has been defined as inaction by physicians caring for patients with uncontrolled risk factors such as blood pressure. Some have proposed that it accounts for up to 80% of cardiovascular events, potentially an important quality problem. However, reasons for so-called clinical inertia are poorly understood. To derive an empiric conceptual(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the potential relation between satisfaction with life after spinal cord injury and access to the environment as measured by selected items from the Craig Handicap Assessment and Reporting Technique (CHART). DESIGN Prospective, correlational/predictive study using cross-sectional and longitudinal data from 18 Model Spinal Cord Injury(More)
The public health objective to improve the diet of Americans includes increasing the consumption of fruits and vegetables (F&V). The availability of F&V in the home has been suggested but not confirmed as one environmental factor that influences the types and quantities of F&V eaten by family members. Using a model of parental and child influences on a(More)
BACKGROUND A number of studies conducted with ethnically diverse, low-income samples have found that parents with indulgent feeding styles had children with a higher weight status. Indulgent parents are those who are responsive to their child's emotional states but have problems setting appropriate boundaries with their child. Because the processes through(More)