Richard Seeley

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  • R H Seeley
  • Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences…
  • 1986
Shell shape and shell thickness of the intertidal snail Littorina obtusata changed markedly between 1871 and 1984 in northern New England. Shells collected prior to 1900 were high-spired with thin walls, whereas shells collected in 1982-84 were low-spired with thick walls. An intertidal crab (Carcinus maenas) which preys on L. obtusata expanded its range(More)
My career in chemistry laid the foundation for my excitement in visualizing the microscopic,<lb>molecular, and subatomic structures that define what we see at the macroscopic level in Nature.<lb>Mathematics assisted my visualization process and the evolving mathematics that models the<lb>cosmos continues to inspire my work. Figure 1: Mobius Strip butternut(More)
We used R. raphanistrum seeds from a second generation of untreated greenhouse-grown plants. We germinated about 10 seeds from each of 13 maternal families in a greenhouse. At the four-leaf stage, each plant was randomly assigned to one of the two treatments (3±5 plants per treatment per family). The caterpillar herbivory treatment was maintained throughout(More)
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