Richard Schumi

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Previous work has demonstrated that property-based testing can successfully be applied to web services. For example, it has been shown that JSON schemas can be used to automatically derive test-case generators for web forms. This paper presents a test-case generation approach for web services that takes business rule models as input for property-based(More)
In recent years statistical model checking (SMC) became increasingly popular, mainly because it does not suffer from one of the major problems that limits traditional model checking, the so called state-space-explosion problem. SMC solves this problem by simulating a stochastic model for finitely many executions. There exist a number of SMC tools, but they(More)
Previous work has demonstrated that property-based testing (PBT) is a flexible random testing technique that facilitates the generation of complex form data. For example, it has been shown that PBT can be applied to web-service applications that require various inputs for web-forms. We want to exploit this data generation feature of PBT and combine it with(More)
In recent years, statistical model checking (SMC) has become increasingly popular, because it scales well to larger stochastic models and is relatively simple to implement. SMC solves the model checking problem by simulating the model for finitely many executions and uses hypothesis testing to infer if the samples provide statistical evidence for or against(More)
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