Richard Schneider

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Smartphones and tablets are increasingly used to access the Web, and many websites now provide alternative sites tailored specifically for these mobile devices. Web archivists are in need of tools to aid in archiving this equally ephemeral Mobile Web. We present Findmobile, a tool for automating the discovery of mobile websites. We tested our tool in an(More)
An automated visual inspection system has been developed for use with surface mount devices (SMDs) on a printed circuit board (PCB). The system is capable of inspecting minute solder joints of fine pitch components as small as 0.3mm pitch QFP leads. A solder joint is judged using a height image and an intensity image that are detected by a unique confocal(More)
The mental foramen, at first glance, merely looks like a hole where the mental nerve and the vascular bundle runs through. From a morphogenetic point of view, however, the mental foramen is a suitable model to study the development of a structure where different components are involved. To understand this developmental process, a three-dimensional(More)
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