Richard Scheffenegger

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Explicit Congestion Notification (ECN) is an TCP/IP extension to signal network congestion without packet loss, which has barely seen deployment though it was standardized and implemented more than a decade ago. Ongoing activities in research and standardization aim to make the usage of ECN more beneficial. This measurement study provides an update on(More)
The Spurious Retransmission Detection (SRD) algorithm allows a TCP sender to always detect if it has entered loss recovery unnecessarily. It requires that both the TCP Echo option defined in [I-D.zimmermann-tcpm-echo-option], and the SACK option [RFC2018] be enabled for a connection. The SRD algorithm makes use of the fact that the TCP Echo option, used in(More)
CUBIC is an extension to the current TCP standards. The protocol differs from the current TCP standards only in the congestion window adjustment function in the sender side. In particular, it uses a cubic function instead of a linear window increase of the current TCP standards to improve scalability and stability under fast and long distance networks.(More)
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