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Voxelisation is the process of converting a source object of any data type into a three-dimensional grid of voxel values. This voxel grid should represent the original object as closely as possible, although some inaccuracies will occur due to the discrete nature of the voxel grid representation. In this paper we report our ongoing research into methods for(More)
Distance fields are a widely investigated area within the area of Volume Graphics. Research is divided between applications; such as – skeletonisa-tion, hypertexture, voxelisation, acceleration of rendering techniques, correlation and collision detection; and the fundamental algorithmic calculation of the distance fields. This paper concentrates on the(More)
This paper presents the design and implementation of artistic effects in modelling and rendering of volume datasets. Following different stages of a volume-based graphics pipeline, we examine various properties of volume data, and illustrate how expressive and non-photorealistic effects can be implemented. We demonstrate that the true 3D nature of volume(More)
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