Richard Sanford

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T erminal deletions of the long arm of chromosome 2 (2q37) have been recorded in the literature for more than a decade and an associated syndrome first became apparent when nine patients were reported with an Albright hereditary osteodystrophy (AHO)-like metacarpal/ metatarsal shortening (brachymetaphalangism). 2 This is also known as brachydactyly-mental(More)
We report the parental origin, and where possible the chromosomal origin of 115 de novo unbalanced structural chromosome abnormalities detectable by light microscopy. These consisted of 39 terminal deletions, 35 interstitial deletions, 8 rings, 12 duplications and 21 unbalanced translocations. In all categories the majority of abnormalities were of paternal(More)
A simplified alpha-numeric phonetic alphabet is proposed. It uses digits, standard keyboard symbols, and upper-and lowercase letters to give a computer-compatible unambiguous single-character phonetic writing of English. Such a phonetic spelling, in conjunction with a pronouncing dictionary giving standardized pronunciation of English words in this phonetic(More)
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