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[1] The Gulf Stream provides a 'nutrient stream,' an advective flux of nutrients carried in sub‐surface waters, redistributing nutrients from the tropics to the mid latitudes. There is a dramatic downstream strengthening in the full depth, volume and nitrate transport diagnosed from synoptic measurements along three sections: 32 Sv and 300 kmol s −1 at(More)
The addition of iron to high-nutrient, low-chlorophyll regions induces phytoplankton blooms that take up carbon. Carbon export from the surface layer and, in particular, the ability of the ocean and sediments to sequester carbon for many years remains, however, poorly quantified. Here we report data from the CROZEX experiment in the Southern Ocean, which(More)
BACKGROUND : Arterial and venous thoracic outlet syndrome (TOS) were recognized in the late 1800s and neurogenic TOS in the early 1900s. Diagnosis and treatment of the 2 vascular forms of TOS are generally accepted in all medical circles. On the other hand, neurogenic TOS is more difficult to diagnose because there is no standard objective test to confirm(More)
We present numerical solutions of a two-dimensional Riemann problem for the non-linear wave system which is used to describe the Mach reflection of weak shock waves. Robust low order as well as high resolution finite volume schemes are employed to solve this equation formulated in self-similar variables. These, together with extreme local grid refinement,(More)
We present numerical solutions of a two-dimensional Riemann problem for the com-pressible Euler equations that describes the Mach reflection of weak shock waves. High resolution finite volume schemes are used to solve the equations formulated in self-similar variables. We use extreme local grid refinement to resolve the solution in the neighborhood of an(More)
Ammonium (NH 4 +) concentration was measured at 15 stations in the NE Atlantic during the declining phase of the spring diatom bloom as part of the FISHES 2001 cruise. The NE Atlantic temperate spring bloom is one of the largest seasonal events in the oceanic cycle of primary productivity and represents the conversion of large amounts of oxidized nitrogen(More)
Correlations between particulate organic carbon (POC) and mineral fluxes in the deep ocean have inspired the inclusion of " ballast effect " parameterizations in carbon cycle models. A recent study demonstrated regional variability in the effect of ballast minerals on the flux of POC in the deep ocean. We have undertaken a similar analysis of shallow export(More)
Recent numerical solutions and shock tube experiments have shown the existence of a complex reflection pattern, known as Guderley Mach reflection, which provides a resolution of the von Neumann paradox of weak shock reflection. In this pattern, there is a sequence of tiny supersonic patches, reflected shocks and expansion waves behind the triple point, with(More)