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It is shown that a Hopfield neural network (with linear transfer functions) augmented by an additional feedforward layer can be used to compute the Moore-Penrose generalized inverse of a matrix. The resultant augmented linear Hopfield network can be used to solve an arbitrary set of linear equations or, alternatively, to solve a constrained least squares(More)
A neural network (NN) filter/target-tracking system has been developed as reported in [6]. The design accepts and inputs signal data to a noise/target classifier which uses spectral estimation techniques to distinguish noise from real targets. In that design, the NN is used to calculate the coefficients of an auto regres-sive linear predictive filter. The(More)
Norbert Wiener and the Computer P. Masani In 1940, with war raging in Europe, Vannevar Bush sought from his colleagues at MIT research proposals that might contribute to national defense. The Wiener letter and memorandum that follow were written in response to Bush's query.' In this introduction we trace the intellectual antecedents behind these two rather(More)
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