Richard S. Rosenbloom

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The technology life cycle literature provides strong theoretical foundations that explain how an era of technological ferment culminates in a dominant design, as well as how technology progresses during the resulting era of incremental change. But the processes by which subsequent technological discontinuities occur, particularly their timing, remains(More)
I would like to begin with two generally accepted propositions: First, technological change is a major ingredient of long-term economic growth, and second, technological change is characterized by a high degree of uncertainty. Understanding the nature of these uncertainties and the obstacles to surmounting them is not a trivial matter. Rather, it goes to(More)
and the participants of the CCC project for useful comments and suggestions. We thank the Italian CNR and the Sloan Foundation for research support. For an extensive review of measurement studies of computer price/performance ratios, including extensive 1 discussion of alternative definitions of " performance, " see Gordon (1989). On any definition of(More)
Anti-coronaviral activity of a mixture of oleoresins and essential oils from botanicals, designated QR448(a), was examined in vitro and in vivo. Treatment of avian infectious bronchitis virus (IBV) with QR448(a) reduced the virus titer as measured in two laboratory host systems, Vero E6 cells and embryonating eggs. The effect of QR448(a) on IBV in chickens(More)
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