Richard S. Middleton

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Dimensionality reduction algorithms are applied in the field of information visualization to generate low-dimensional, visuo-spatial displays of complex, multivariate databases—spatializations. Most popular dimensionality reduction algorithms project relatedness in data content among entities in an information space (e.g., semantic similarity) onto some(More)
Spatializations are computer visualizations in which nonspatial information is depicted spatially. Spatializations of large databases commonly use distance as a metaphor to depict semantic (nonspatial) similarities among data items. By analogy to the “first law of geography”, which states that closer things tend to be more similar, we propose a “first law(More)
Carbon dioxide capture and storage (CCS) links together technologies that separate carbon dioxide (CO2) from fixed point source emissions and transport it by pipeline to geologic reservoirs into which it is injected underground for long-term containment. Previously, models have been developed to minimize the cost of a CCS infrastructure network that(More)
Seventeen patients ranging in age from 67 to 86 years were entered into a double-blind, crossover study of Moducren and placebo. Psychometric testing using the Clifton Assessment Procedure for the Elderly was performed at the start of the study and at the end of each 4-week test period. The total length of the study was 18 weeks. Apart from effectively(More)