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Adaptive biochemical response to applied orthodontic force is a highly sophisticated process. Many layers of networked reactions occur in and around periodontal ligament and alveolar bone cells that change mechanical force into molecular events (signal transduction) and orthodontic tooth movement (OTM). Osteoblasts and osteoclasts are sensitive(More)
Research about educational best practices is negatively perceived by many dental faculty. Separation between teaching and learning strategies commonly employed in dental education and evidence-based educational techniques is real and caused by a variety of factors: the often incomprehensible jargon of educational specialists; traditional academic dominance(More)
The remodeling of the PDL and alveolar bone that occurs during orthodontic tooth movement (OTM) has long been associated with an inflammatory process. The vascular and cellular changes that occur have been well documented, and several inflammatory mediators, growth factors and neuropeptides have been found in increased levels in the periodontal supporting(More)
The most important mission of dental education is development of student professionalism. It is only within the context of professionalism that specialized knowledge and technical expertise find meaning. Altruism, integrity, caring, community focus, and commitment to excellence are attributes of professionalism. Its backbone is the obligation of service to(More)
INTRODUCTION Because of familial, ethnic-racial, cultural, and emotional preferences, achieving common facial understanding among orthodontist, patient, parents, and other health care professionals is a daunting communication challenge. Research into the neuroanatomic basis of human facial perception, including the roles of visual short-term memory and(More)
A career in dental academics offers ample rewards and challenges. To promote successful careers in dental education, prospective and new dental faculty should possess a realistic view of the dental school work environment, akin to the informed consent so valuable to patients and doctors. Self-assessment of personal strengths and weaknesses provides helpful(More)
Shibboleths are common expressions presented as indisputable truths. When used in educational discussions, they reflect "motherhood and apple pie" viewpoints and tend to bring debate to a halt. Use of shibboleths may precede a desired imposition of "locksteps" in educational programming and are easily perceived as paternalistic by recipients. Nine(More)
This study's objective was to familiarize the profession with determining skeletal maturation and skeletal age, and predicting growth potential by using cervical vertebrae images of lateral cephalograms. The investigation was done through repeated evaluations of 30 randomly selected, pretreatment lateral cepaholometric radiographs. The accuracy of(More)