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  • R. Bucy
  • 1977
Monte Carlo analysis of the combined phase amplitude demodulator problem will be discussed. The effect of machine architectural differences on the nonlinear filtering algorithms will be emphasized. Two machines will be considered; the CDC Star 100 and the Floating Point System's AP120B, which are respectively pipeline and multiprocessor array, in the(More)
The architecture of the array processor is well suited to signal processing problems and the numerical solution of partial differential equations. Programming within the structures imposed by AP architecture often leads to deeper insight into the problem at hand, without draining the computing budget. Moreover, even if one could afford a faster(More)
The six hundred ninety-third meeting of the American Mathematical in conjunction with the 1972 spring meeting of the Association for Symbolic Logic. There were 385 registrants, including 334 members of the Society. By invitation of the Committee to Select Hour Speakers for Western Sectional Meetings, there were four one-hour addresses. Professor Wolfgang M.(More)
507 profession to the colleges and universities and to society in general. These include long range problems, and there is no reason to expect that the best efforts of anyone could solve them immediately. But the Society should attack them as best it can; we should not regard ourselves merely as spectators. Meanwhile there is a short-range problem which(More)
Absrruct-The problem of absolute phase tracking and the development of the properties of an optimal estimator of absolute phase are considered. Using Monte Carlo simulation, this estimator's performance is compared with that of the phase-locked loop on the basis of slip distribution growth rate. Further slip prediction is considered and a statistic, based(More)