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Allele loss is a hallmark of chromosome regions harboring recessive oncogenes. Lung cancer frequently demonstrates loss of heterozygosity on 17p. Recent evidence suggests that the p53 gene located on 17p13 has many features of such an antioncogene. The p53 gene was frequently mutated or inactivated in all types of human lung cancer. The genetic(More)
PURPOSE We initiated a large multicenter phase II trial in stage IV non-small-cell lung cancer (NSCLC) to evaluate the activity and safety of an oral gelatin-based formation of vinorelbine. PATIENTS AND METHODS Twenty-three centers participated in this uncontrolled phase II study, which accrued patients between August 1991 and March 1992. Eligible(More)
Vinorelbine (Navelbine; Burroughs Wellcome Co, Research Triangle Park, NC; Pierre Fabre Médicament, Paris, France) is a novel semisynthetic vinca alkaloid with antitumor activity in non-small cell lung cancer. An oral preparation of this drug is under investigation and was tested in a multicenter phase II study in patients with stage IV measurable or(More)
Normal human melanocytes require 12-O-tetradecanoylphorbol 13-acetate (TPA) for prolonged growth in vitro. In contrast, the growth of human malignant melanoma cells is often inhibited by TPA. In this study, we have confirmed and extended these observations. Since protein kinase C (PKC) is an important mediator of the effects of TPA, we have investigated the(More)
The nuclear phosphoprotein c-Jun, encoded by the proto-oncogene c-jun, is a major component of the AP-1 complex. A potent transcriptional regulator, c-jun is also able to transform normal rat embryo cells in cooperation with an activated c-Ha-ras gene. By deletion analysis, we identified the regions of c-Jun encoding transformation and transactivation(More)
Recent advances in the treatment of cancer have focused on targeting genomic aberrations with selective therapeutic agents. In radioiodine resistant aggressive papillary thyroid cancers, there remain few effective therapeutic options. A 62-year-old man who underwent multiple operations for papillary thyroid cancer and whose metastases progressed despite(More)
Tracheoesophageal fistula (TEF) occurs only rarely in the patient with lymphoma. Two cases are presented to illustrate the challenges in managing TEF in this patient population. Most of the 38 previously reported cases have occurred in patients who have undergone radiation therapy, although several patients have had TEF as an initial manifestation of(More)
Introduction LY2603618 is a selective inhibitor of checkpoint kinase 1 (CHK1) protein kinase, a key regulator of the DNA damage checkpoint, and is predicted to enhance the effects of antimetabolites, such as pemetrexed. This phase II trial assessed the overall response rate, safety, and pharmacokinetics (PK) of LY2603618 and pemetrexed in patients with(More)