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While ubiquitous, pharmacological manipulation of consciousness remains poorly defined and incompletely understood (Prys-Roberts, 1987). This retards anesthetic drug development, confounds interpretation of animal studies conducted under anesthesia, and limits the sensitivity of clinical monitors of cerebral function to intact perception. Animal and human(More)
This study combined functional and structural magnetic resonance imaging techniques, optimized for the human brainstem, to investigate activity in brainstem respiratory control centres in a group of 12 healthy human volunteers. We stimulated respiration with carbon dioxide (CO(2)), and utilized novel methodology to separate its vascular from its neuronal(More)
The present meta-analysis integrated effect sizes from 95 non-overlapping studies (N=15,826) to summarize the relation between Hare Psychopathy Checklists and antisocial conduct. Whereas prior meta-analyses focused on specific subdomains of the literature, we used broad inclusion criteria, incorporating a diversity of samples, settings, methodologies, and(More)
The altered state of consciousness produced by general anesthetics is associated with a variety of changes in the brain's electrical activity. Under hyperpolarizing influences such as anesthetic drugs, cortical neurons oscillate at ~1 Hz, which is measurable as slow waves in the electroencephalogram (EEG). We have administered propofol anesthesia to 16(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Functional neuroimaging can distinguish components of the pain experience associated with anticipation to pain from those associated with the experience of pain itself. Anticipation to pain is thought to increase the suffering of chronic pain patients. Inappropriate anxiety, of which anticipation is a component, is also a cause of(More)
A conservative estimate is that 695,000 mentally disordered offenders are arrested and Mirandized annually in the United States. Past research has focused almost exclusively on cognitive factors affecting the comprehension of Miranda rights. The current study broadens the scope by including diagnostic variables and by extending the investigation to basic(More)
The study of the dynamic interactome of cellular ribonucleoprotein (RNP) particles has been hampered by severe methodological limitations. In particular, the affinity purification of intact RNP complexes from cell lysates suffers from RNA degradation, loss of interacting macromolecules and poor overall yields. Here we describe a rapid affinity-purification(More)
We present a method for investigating the dynamic pharmacological modulation of pain-related brain activity, measured by BOLD-contrast fMRI. Noxious thermal stimulation was combined with a single infusion and washout of remifentanil, a short-acting opioid analgesic agent. The temporal profile of the effect site concentration of remifentanil, estimated from(More)
A document image analysis toolbox, including a collection of data structures and algorithms to support a variety of applications, is described in this paper. An experimental environment is built to allow developers to develop, test and optimize their algorithms and systems. Appropriate and quantitative performance metrics for each kind of information a(More)
Opioid binding to the cerebral blood vessels may affect vascular responsiveness and hence confound interpretation of blood oxygen level-dependent (BOLD) responses, which are usually interpreted as neuronal in origin. Opioid binding varies in different brain regions. It is unclear whether opioids alter neurovascular coupling, or whether their effects are(More)