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A Review of Microsoft Academic Services for Science of Science Studies
The use of three key AI technologies that underlies its prowess in capturing scholarly communications with adequate quality and broad coverage are focused on, including a reinforcement learning approach to assessing scholarly importance for entities participating in scholarly communications, called the saliency, that serves both as an analytic and a predictive metric in MAS.
Autonomous Thermalling as a Partially Observable Markov Decision Process (Extended Version)
This work model autonomous thermalling as a POMDP and presents a receding-horizon controller based on it as part of ArduPlane, a popular open-source autopilot, and compares it to an existing alternative in a series of live flight tests involving two sUAVs thermalling simultaneously.
Domain-Specific Pretraining for Vertical Search: Case Study on Biomedical Literature
This work proposes a general approach for vertical search based on domain-specific pretraining and presents a case study for the biomedical domain, which performs comparably or better than the best systems in the official TREC-COVID evaluation, a COVID-related biomedical search competition.