Richard Reilly

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BACKGROUND MIR137 is implicated in brain development and encodes a microRNA that regulates neuronal maturation and adult neurogenesis. Recently, a common genetic variant within MIR137 showed genome wide evidence of association with schizophrenia, and with altered amygdala activation in those at genetic risk for schizophrenia. Following this evidence, we(More)
BACKGROUND Despite its inhibitory control requirements, antisaccade deficits have been consistently associated with working memory impairments in schizophrenia. We investigated whether variance in antisaccade performance could be better accounted for in terms of a specific inhibitory function. METHOD We assessed 48 clinically stable out-patients with(More)
With increasing research in the area of face segmentation, new methods for detecting human faces automatically are being developed. However, less attention is being paid to the development of a standard face image database to evaluate these new algorithms. This paper recognizes the need for a colour face image database and creates such a database for direct(More)
BACKGROUND Processing the emotional content of faces is recognised as a key deficit of schizophrenia, associated with poorer functional outcomes and possibly contributing to the severity of clinical symptoms such as paranoia. At the neural level, fMRI studies have reported altered limbic activity in response to facial stimuli. However, previous studies may(More)
The limits of human multitasking capabilities in intense conditions are well understood. However, little is known about how increasing and continuous multitasking impacts innovation in virtual teams. During this investigation, we developed a construct called Virtual Distance to understand how both perceived and physical distance impacts innovation on(More)
Although prior research has tended to dichotomize work teams as virtual or non-virtual, most project teams today involve some mix of face-to-face and virtual interaction. We develop a construct called Virtual Distance® that includes temporal, spatial and relational facets and apply it to 115 project teams. We propose that virtual distance will influence(More)
Emerging video coding standards such as MPEG-4 have taken a radical departure from previous video coding standards with the emphasis being placed on content-based functionality and interactivity. Instead of representing video sequences as rectangular arrays of pixels MPEG-4 represents each scene as a composition of video object planes (VOP's) with each VOP(More)
IN THIS STUDY WE EVALUATED RELIABILITY AND VALIDITY OF THE AUTOMATIC COGNITIVE ASSESSMENT DELIVERY (ACAD): a short computerized battery composed by memory and attention tests, delivered online, and designed primarily for the elderly. Reliability was examined with a test-retest design and validity was assessed by means of comparison with standard(More)