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Although the widespread implementation of hospice in the United States has led to tremendous advances in the care of the dying, there has been no widely accepted psychological theory to drive needs assessment and intervention design for the patient and family. The humanistic psychology of Abraham Maslow, especially his theory of motivation and the hierarchy(More)
Prenatal amniocentesis performed for advanced maternal age demonstrated a 46XX female karyotype. At birth, however, the infant was noted to be a phenotypic male with descended testes and severe chordee without hypospadias. Chromosomal analysis confirmed a female karyotype, while later surgical exploration revealed normal internal wolffian duct structures.
There is a tremendous need to educate professional nurses and other health care providers in the care of the dying person. Both nurses and physicians have begun to recognize the need to cross traditional disciplinary boundaries to provide the complex care required during the last human transition. This article describes the evolution of a unique(More)
OBJECTIVE To test the hypothesis that topically applied calcium glycerophosphate (CGP) would improve the appearance of the wound following bilateral knee replacement. METHOD Healthy patients, aged 45-75 years, scheduled for bilateral total-knee replacement surgery were recruited into the study. One knee was randomly assigned to the treatment group, while(More)
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