Richard Ranky

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In this paper the virtual reality augmented cycling kit (VRACK) a mechatronic rehabilitation system with an interactive virtual environment is presented. It was designed as a modular system that can convert most bicycles in virtual reality (VR) cycles. Novel hardware components embedded with sensors were implemented on a stationary exercise bicycle to(More)
Prefabricated orthotic devices are currently designed to fit a range of patients and therefore they do not provide individualized comfort and function. Custom-fit orthoses are superior to prefabricated orthotic devices from both of the above-mentioned standpoints. However, creating a custom-fit orthosis is a laborious and time-intensive manual process(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE A virtual reality (VR) augmented cycling kit (VRACK) was developed to address motor control and fitness deficits of individuals with chronic stroke. In this article, we report on the safety, feasibility, and efficacy of using the VR augmented cycling kit to improve cardiorespiratory (CR) fitness of individuals in the chronic phase(More)
Cycling has been used in the rehabilitation of individuals with both chronic and post-surgical conditions. Among the challenges with implementing bicycling for rehabilitation is the recruitment of both extremities, in particular when one is weaker or less coordinated. Feedback embedded in virtual reality (VR) augmented cycling may serve to address the(More)
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