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The purpose of this book is to provide the reader with vital communication concepts and tools to assist in preparing for and responding to a severe influenza pandemic in the United States. The focus of the book is on the possibility of a severe pandemic. Although the concepts do apply to less intense public health challenges, they may not need to be(More)
Intraspinal synovial cysts probably originate from herniation of synovium through a weakened facet joint capsule. The computed tomographic (CT) findings of such lesions were recently reported. An additional characteristic is gas within the cyst as demonstrated by CT. We postulate the source to be an adjacent diseased facet joint with a vacuum cleft with(More)
Recent concern over the problem of climate change has generated renewed interest in Solar Thermal Power Plants (STPP) as a means of generating electricity. STPPs, although more expensive than conventional fossil-fuel power plants, release much less carbon dioxide and other pollutants. There are several applications for World Bank/GEF funding for STPPs in(More)
A neural network has been developed for use with local closed-loop gripper control using a tactile sensor array. The specific task considered is to solve part of the inverse Hertzian contact problem. Backpropagation is used to train a single hidden-layer network to recognize the angle of contact between a cylindrical finger with an embedded sensor array and(More)
This paper presents simulation results comparing different analog front end (AFE) architectures for Gigabit Eth-ernet 1000BASE-T receiver design. The objective is to reduce the overall power and area of the receiver by performing partial echo cancellation or equalization in the analog domain. The results indicate that using the best of these architectures(More)