Richard R. Spencer

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BACKGROUND We sought to determine the safety and preliminary efficacy of transcatheter intramyocardial administration of myoblasts in patients with heart failure (HF). METHODS MARVEL is a randomized placebo-controlled trial of image-guided, catheter-based intramyocardial injection of placebo or myoblasts (400 or 800 million) in patients with class II to(More)
A fully integrated analog timing recovery circuit for partial-response maximum-likelihood (PRML) detectors for digital magnetic storage is described. The circuit uses a decision-directed minimum mean-squared error (MMSE) algorithm and achieves phase acquisition within 100-bit periods at a maximum speed of 180 Mb/s. It dissipates 76 mW from a single 3.3-V(More)
This paper presents simulation results comparing different analog front end (AFE) architectures for Gigabit Ethernet 1000BASE-T receiver design. The objective is to reduce the overall power and area of the receiver by performing partial echo cancellation or equalization in the analog domain. The results indicate that using the best of these architectures(More)
Intraspinal synovial cysts probably originate from herniation of synovium through a weakened facet joint capsule. The computed tomographic (CT) findings of such lesions were recently reported. An additional characteristic is gas within the cyst as demonstrated by CT. We postulate the source to be an adjacent diseased facet joint with a vacuum cleft with(More)
An adolescent boy sustained low voltage electrical injury to his extremities when he inadvertently touched a low tension (440 volts) wire with a metal tube. Early in his hospital course, he was evaluated with Tc-99m pyrophosphate whole body scanning for the extent of his injuries. The scintigraphic findings correlated well with his subsequent clinical(More)
A new analog CMOS high-speed continuous-time FIR filter is presented. The filter has five taps with 6bit weights and operates at an effective sampling rate of 606 MS/s. The circuit was fabricated in a 0.5 μm CMOS process and dissipates 51 mW while operating from a single 3 volt supply. Introduction This paper describes a high-speed analog finite impulse(More)
Spontaneous aortocaval fistula is a rare but documented complication of arteriosclerotic abdominal aortic aneurysm. Most cases reported have presented clinically with a palpable aneurysm, abdominal bruit, and high output congestive heart failure. A diagnosis in such cases requires active demonstration of findings secondary to arteriovenous shunting, which(More)
A neural network has been developed for use with local closed-loop gripper control using a tactile sensor array. The specific task considered is to solve part of the inverse Hertzian contact problem. Backpropagation is used to train a single hidden-layer network to recognize the angle of contact between a cylindrical finger with an embedded sensor array and(More)