Richard R. Spencer

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A neural network has been developed for use with local closed-loop gripper control using a tactile sensor array. The specific task considered is to solve part of the inverse Hertzian contact problem. Backpropagation is used to train a single hidden-layer network to recognize the angle of contact between a cylindrical finger with an embedded sensor array and(More)
This paper presents simulation results comparing different analog front end (AFE) architectures for Gigabit Eth-ernet 1000BASE-T receiver design. The objective is to reduce the overall power and area of the receiver by performing partial echo cancellation or equalization in the analog domain. The results indicate that using the best of these architectures(More)
—Motivated by previous comparison work, a configuration for partial response maximum likelihood detection using the Viterbi algorithm (PRML/VA) detectors with adaptive target polynomials is examined. In this configuration, a mean-quared error decision feedback equalization (MSE-DFE) is used to adapt both the forward equalizer and the target channel for the(More)