Richard R. Reilly

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AbstrAct Achieving IT-business alignment has been a long-standing, critical, information management issue. A theoretical framework of the maturity levels of management practices and strategic IT choices that facilitate alignment was empirically tested and validated. Confirmatory factor analysis (CFA) validated 6 factors and identified 22 indices to measure(More)
As autonomous machines become more pervasive, situations will arise when human decision-makers will receive advice from both machines and other humans. When these instructions conflict, a new social situation is defined for which we have little precedent. The authors propose a model for investigating these situations. The model synthesizes research from(More)
Teams developing innovations work in a context ripe with uncertainty, and handling this uncertainty places special demands on the leaders of such teams. We empirically tested the role of leader personality in the success of two different types of New Product Development (NPD) teams: radical and incremental. Using the five-factor model of personality as a(More)
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