Richard R. Linde

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KVM/370 (Kernelized Virtual Machine Sys-tem 370) is based on IBM's Virtual Machine operating system, VM/370. KVM/370 is a general purpose operating system that enforces. DoD military security policy using kernel technology. Funded as a small research project in 1976, the system has undergone continuous development since 1978 when implementation was begun by(More)
One of the favorite diversions of university students involves "beating" the system. In the case of operating systems, this has been a remarkably easy accomplishment. An extensive lore of operating system penetration, ranging from anecdotes describing students who have outsmarted the teacher's grading program to students who captured the system's password(More)
This paper describes a research study concerning the potential of associative processing as a solution to the problem of real-time data management. The desired outcome of the research was an evaluation of the comparative advantages of associative processing over conventional sequential processing as applied to general real-time Data Management System (DMS)(More)
In the past decade, many computer systems intended for operational use by large military and governmental organizations have been "custom made" to meet the needs of the particular operational situation for which they were intended. In recent years, however, there has been a growing realization that this design approach is not the best method for long term(More)
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