Richard R. Brown

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The diagnosis and treatment of cancer cause considerable psychological distress and morbidity. Consequently, cancer patients have high needs for informational and emotional support and doctors vary in their ability to recognise and address these needs. This study investigated patients' attempts to gain informational and emotional support through the use of(More)
BACKGROUND There have been a limited number of studies of total knee arthroplasties with durations of follow-up of fifteen years, but we are not aware of any involving modular fixed-bearing posterior cruciate-retaining prostheses. METHODS A consecutive series of 139 total knee arthroplasties in 109 patients (average age, sixty-seven years), performed by(More)
Patient participation in medical consultations has been demonstrated to benefit their subsequent psychological well being. Question asking is one way in which patients can be active. We investigated 2 means of promoting cancer patient question asking. One was the provision of a question prompt sheet to patients prior to their initial consultation with their(More)
INTRODUCTION Clinical trials have come to be regarded as the gold standard for treatment evaluation. However, many doctors and their patients experience difficulties when discussing trial participation, leading to poor accrual to trials and questionable quality of informed consent. We have previously developed a communication skills training program based(More)
We explored primary care physicians' (PCPs') beliefs and practices about e-cigarettes. Cross-sectional, semi-structured interviews with PCPs in 2014 were conducted and audio-recorded. Participants were 15 general internal and family medicine physicians practicing in two settings in Virginia, USA. Interview recordings were transcribed, and the content(More)
BACKGROUND Femoral head osteonecrosis as a result of trauma in adolescents has a poor prognosis as a result of femoral head collapse and subsequent degenerative change of the hip. There are currently no satisfactory treatments for adolescents with this condition, although bisphosphonate therapy has improved the outcome in animal models of osteonecrosis. We(More)
Active participation in the medical consultation has been demonstrated to benefit aspects of patients’ subsequent psychological well-being. We investigated two interventions promoting patient question-asking behaviour. The first was a question prompt sheet provided before the consultation, which was endorsed and worked through by the clinician. The second(More)
Ricin is one of a group of structurally related plant lectins and is extracted from the seeds of the Castor Oil plant, Ricinus communis. Groups of rats were exposed to ricin aerosol by inhalation, total LCt1-11.21 mg.min.m-3 (an approximate LCt30 exposure) and examined, using transmission electron microscopy, at intervals up to 48 h after exposure. The(More)
BACKGROUND Shared Decision Making (SDM) is widely accepted as the preferred method for reaching treatment decisions in the oncology setting including those about clinical trial participation: however, there is some disagreement between researchers over the components of SDM. Specific standardized coding systems are needed to help overcome this difficulty.(More)
Cancer patients report significant levels of unmet needs in the realm of communication. Communication skills training programs have been shown to improve clinical communication. However, advanced communication skills training programs in oncology have lacked institutional integration, and thus have not attended to institutional norms and cultures that may(More)