Richard Quincey

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The rates of synthesis of ribosomes, 5S RNA, and tRNA necessary to maintain the steady-state concentrations of these entities in liver cytoplasm of adult rats were determined. On the average, each liver cell in the adult rat synthesizes 650 ribosomes, 650 molecules of 5S RNA, and 11,000 molecules of tRNA each minute. The numbers of genes per liver cell for(More)
The DNA sequence containing the start of the Escherichia coli nirB gene is reported. The N-terminal amino acid sequence of purified NADH-dependent nitrite reductase coincided with that predicted from the DNA sequence, confirming that nirB is the structural gene for nitrite reductase apoprotein and identifying the translation start point. Using nuclease S1(More)
DNA was prepared from wild-type and two mutant stocks of Drosophila melanogaster that differed in their dosage of the nucleolar organizer region. The relative amounts of DNA from the nucleolar organizer region in these preparations of DNA were determined by hybridization with (3)H-labelled 28S rRNA. As expected, the amount of (3)H-labelled 28S rRNA that(More)
Although the complex series of events which occur when a steroid hormone is administered to a human subject or to an intact animal might reflect a series of completely unre!lated activities, they are more likely to be secondary to a few fundamental actions on the celils of the body and it is with this second concept that research in this field has been(More)
The gene encoding an acid extracellular protease (AXP) from Yarrowia lipolytica (Candida olea) 148 was cloned and the complete nucleotide sequence was determined. The amino acid sequence deduced from the nucleotide sequence reveals that the mature AXP consists of 353 amino acids with an M, of 37427. The gene also encodes a putative 17 amino acid hydrophobic(More)
Traditionally, manufacturing facilities and building services are considered to be supplementary to manufacturing operations. Manufacturing operations use and discard energy with the support of facilities. Additionally, these disciplines have been pursued independently to date; the design and improvement of buildings and manufacturing systems typically(More)