Richard Platania

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We present the latest development and experimental simulation studies of Statistical Temperature Molecular Dynamics (STMD) and its parallel tempering version, Replica Exchange Statistical Temperature Molecular Dynamics (RESTMD). Our main contributions are i) introduction of newly implemented STMD in LAMMPS, ii) use of large scale distributed cyber(More)
Genome sequencing technology has witnessed tremendous progress in terms of throughput as well as cost per base pair, resulting in an explosion in the size of data. Consequently, typical sequence assembly tools demand a lot of processing power and memory and are unable to assemble big datasets unless run on hundreds of nodes. In this paper, we present a(More)
In recent years, big data analysis has been widely applied to many research fields including biology, physics, transportation, and material science. Even though the demands for big data migration and big data analysis are dramatically increasing in campus IT infrastructures, there are several technical challenges that need to be addressed. First of all,(More)
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