Richard Plasun

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With shrinking device dimensions and decreasing product-development cycles, fully-automated TCAD analysis of complete semiconductor processes and devices is becoming increasingly important. We present a programmable simulation environment for VLSI technology analysis, focusing on high-level tasks including response surface modeling (RSM) and optimization.(More)
Advanced analysis features implemented in the Vienna Integrated System for TCAD Applications simulation environment are presented. These functionalities support automatic experiment generation (design of experiments), model fitting (response surface methodology), optimization, and calibration. They interact with the core modules of the framework supporting(More)
An integrated environment for the simulation of VLSI fabrication processes is presented. Emphasis is put on automated operation to achieve maximum efficiency in TCAD deployment. Addressing the increasing number and diversity of process steps in state-of-the-art semiconductor fabrication processes, mechanisms have been devised to support the smooth,(More)
We present a versatile simulation based optimization environment. Arbitrary simulators can be integrated into this environment like in our case for Technology Computer Aided Design (TCAD) applications. The optimizer module is integrated in a simulation environment which performs job farming and load balancing and also extracts results from simulation data.(More)
This paper presents new features implemented in the simulation environment VISTA which has been developed in our institute. The basic functionality dealing with the simulation of the manufacturing process and electrical characterization of semiconductor devices was extended by automatic experiment generation, parameter fit and optimization features. An(More)