Richard Picard

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BACKGROUND Concern over bio-terrorism has led to recognition that traditional public health surveillance for specific conditions is unlikely to provide timely indication of some disease outbreaks, either naturally occurring or induced by a bioweapon. In non-traditional surveillance, the use of health care resources are monitored in "near real" time for the(More)
Eight gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) mimetics were tested on their ability to differentiate native GABA(A) receptor subtypes present in various rat brain regions. In rat brain cryostat sections, little regional variations by the agonistic actions of muscimol, thiomuscimol, 4,5,6,7-tetrahydroisoazolo(5,4-c)pyridin-3-ol, piperidine-4-sulphonic acid, taurine(More)
The association of pericarditis and pulmonary embolism may be the source of diagnostic error and delay in the administration of anticoagulant therapy. Two cases are reported. Pericarditis occurred late in patients with severe, chronic pulmonary embolism with electrocardiographic changes of acute cor pulmonale. Two physiopathological mechanisms for this(More)
A system for quantifying the physiological features of emotional stress is being developed for use during a driving task. Two prototypes, using sensors that measure the driver's skin conductance, respiration, muscle activity, and heart activity are presented. The first system allows sampling rates of 200 Hz on two fast channels and 20 Hz on six additional(More)
An analysis of the statistics of laser-induced damage to thin films is carried out for the commonly assumed single-defect model, in which damage is caused by irradiation of identical, randomly distributed defects in the film. The probability for damage due to a single irradiation with a beam of Gaussian spatial profile is calculated, and it is shown that(More)
BACKGROUND Syndromic surveillance (SS) can potentially contribute to outbreak detection capability by providing timely, novel data sources. One SS challenge is that some syndrome counts vary with season in a manner that is not identical from year to year. Our goal is to evaluate the impact of inconsistent seasonal effects on performance assessments (false(More)
Optically induced resonance Raman transitions in atomic and molecular beams are proposed as a means of achieving ultrahigh resolution in the microwave and far-infrared regions. Line broadening that is due to laser jitter is eliminated by correlating the frequency jitter of the two optical fields inducing the Raman transition. A Ramanseparated(More)
[1] The Sounding of the Atmosphere using Broadband Emission Radiometry (SABER) experiment on the Thermosphere-Ionosphere Mesosphere Energetics and Dynamics (TIMED) satellite observed the infrared radiative response of the thermosphere to the solar storm events of April 2002. Large radiance enhancements were observed at 5.3 mm, which are due to emission from(More)
The present report investigates using simultaneous observations of coincident gravity waves and sprites to establish an upper limit on sprite-associated thermal energy deposition in the mesosphere. The University of Alaska operated a variety of optical imagers and photometers at two ground sites in support of the NASA Sprites99 balloon campaign. One site(More)