Richard Payton

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US surface O3 responds to varying global-toregional precursor emissions, climate, and extreme weather, with implications for designing effective air quality control policies. We examine these conjoined processes with observations and global chemistry-climate model (GFDLAM3) hindcasts over 1980–2014. The model captures the salient features of observed trends(More)
The Braden Scale for Predicting Pressure Sore Risk was designed to predict patients at risk of forming pressure sores and has been tested in a variety of settings. In two studies with a cumulative n of 199, the sensitivity was 100% using 16 as a cut-off and the specificity ranged from 64% to 90%. In this study of 361 patients in a large, tertiary,(More)
This article reviews hematopoiesis, the pathophysiology of selected hematological disorders, and the components of the health history and physical exam that are needed to make a complete assessment of women with a variety of hematological disorders. The laboratory testing and interpretation of tests that augment the assessment of women with signs and(More)
Nurses who care for pregnant and laboring women are faced with an increasingly frequent use of pharmaceutical agents that facilitate initiation of labor (uterotropins), augment labor (uterotonics), or potentially stop labor (tocolytics). The choice of the drug, administration, side effects, and complications varies. Knowledge about uterine physiology helps(More)
This article reviews the physiology and pathophysiology of selected endocrine glands. The common presenting clinical signs and symptoms are reviewed, and the initial laboratory tests that may establish the diagnosis are recommended. Diagnosis and management of hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, hyperparathyroidism, hypoparathyroidism, pituitary disorders,(More)
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