Richard Pastor

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Neurotrophins are responsible for the differentiation and survival of neurons in the developing and in the adult nervous system. They bind to specific membrane receptors with tyrosine kinase activity whose prototype is the product of the trkA proto-oncogene. TrkB, a member of this family, is the receptor for the neurotrophins brain derived growth factor(More)
We have developed a substrate-phage approach for examining the substrate specificities of an important group of proteases involved in apoptosis--the caspases. After establishing selection conditions with caspases-3 and caspase-8 vs control substrate-phage, we sorted X4 and X6 diversity libraries, identified consensus motifs that agree with previously(More)
The concentration and occupancy of the thyroid hormone receptor have been measured in rat brain nuclear extracts at the end of the fetal period and during the postnatal period. Receptor occupancy attained maximal values at postnatal day 15 (52% of total receptor binding sites occupied by T3) and correlated with plasma and cytosol total and free T3. The(More)
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