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Polyphase induction motors are the most commonly available industrial machines utilized in a wide range of real-world applications. Any impending fault within these motors is generally very difficult to isolate by conventional fault sensors or experts. The fact is generally attributed to the non-linear behavior of the motor's terminal characteristics.(More)
Intelligent assessment of information gathered from industrial-grade data loggers for preemptive maintenance is one of the foremost areas of research in conditional monitoring. Due to the general operating environment, there exists a non-linear relationship between the input and output data gathered from these sensors. Moreover, the transmission of data(More)
Background subtraction is a well-known technique in computer vision to extract foreground objects from background reference frames. In real-time video processing applications such as surveillance, behavioral profiling and intelligent transport systems, the domain presents a number of challenges. Video frames used to train such models contain a range of(More)
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