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A CO(2)-pumped far-infrared (FIR) laser has been used to drive transitions between S and P levels of (4)He Rydberg states with the same principal quantum number (n). The levels are tuned to resonance with the fixed-frequency FIR laser through application of an intense magnetic field. Measurements of such transitions are particularly valuable as they provide(More)
Coherent radiation at several wavelengths in the vacuum ultraviolet (VUV) has been generated by four-wave parametric oscillation in mercury vapor. When a powerful ultraviolet pump laser of frequency omega(p) is tuned to a two-photon resonance, VUV signal photons at frequency omega(s), as well as idler photons at frequency omega(i), are generated such that(More)
A simple technique is described for the efficient detection of multiphoton transitions from metastable states of atomic or molecular species to their excited states of either even or odd parity. This technique is demonstrated in metastable He, and first measurements of n3S-n3D splittings for n = 18-22 are reported.
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