Richard P. Smiraglia

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Musical works form a key entity for music information retrieval. Explicit linkage of relationships among entities is critical for document-based information retrieval. Works contain representations of recorded knowledge. Core bodies of work— canons—function to preserve and disseminate the parameters of a culture. A musical work is an intellectual sonic(More)
The digital library will require a bibliographic retrieval tool that controls recorded knowledge regardless of its material fm. A conceptual model for such a catalog is described. Foremost this catalog will include infortuatioh on derivative bibliographic relationships-those relationships that exist among the individual members of a bibliographic family. In(More)
To classify is to put things in meaningful groups, but the criteria for doing so can be problematic. Study of evolution of classification includes ontogenetic analysis of change in classification over time. We present an empirical analysis of the UDC over the entire period of its development. We demonstrate stability in main classes, with major change(More)