Richard P. Reitman

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A new approach to information flow in sequential and parallel programs is presented. Flow proof rules that capture the information flow semantics of a variety of statements are given and used to construct program flow proofs. The method is illustrated by examples. The applications of flow proofs to certifying information flow policies and to solving the(More)
Interesting program properties other than functional correctness can be addressed and proved using axiomatic logic. An information flow logic that defines the flow semantics of a parallel programming language is presented. Proofs in this logic can be used to certify programs with respect to information security policies. The flow logic can also be combined(More)
Modeling techniques are proposed for the purpose of representing the complex, memory-dependent process of adaptive human behavior within the constraints of a simple Markov model. In essence, these techniques involve the development of partitioning schemes that order stage-oriented substates in patterns that are capable of incorporating the past history of(More)
This is a retrospective review of 30 consecutive patients with acute Achilles tendon ruptures treated surgically by a single surgeon between 1992 and 1999. Repair was effected with a 26-gauge "pull-out" wire technique. A compressive dressing reinforced with plaster was employed to immobilize the ankle in neutral for 6 weeks. The hardware was removed 6 weeks(More)
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