Richard P. Kruger

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Dock, an adaptor protein that functions in Drosophila axonal guidance, consists of three tandem Src homology 3 (SH3) domains preceding an SH2 domain. To develop a better understanding of axonal guidance at the molecular level, we used the SH2 domain of Dock to purify a protein complex from fly S2 cells. Five proteins were obtained in pure form from this(More)
A distributed-parameter computational model of the outer hair cell was used to predict the potentials resulting from current injection. A good fit was found to the length-dependent whole cell conductance and capacitance. The fit required the presence of the subsurface cisterna and a low (0.001 mS/cm2) specific conductivity for the plasma membrane of the(More)
After noise- or drug-induced hair-cell loss, the sensory epithelia of the avian inner ear can regenerate new hair cells. Few molecular markers are available for the supporting-cell precursors of the hair cells that regenerate, and little is known about the signaling mechanisms underlying this regenerative response. Hybridoma methodology was used to obtain a(More)
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