Richard P. King

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In this paper we describe a framework for providing customers of Web services differentiated levels of service through the use of automated management and service level agreements (SLAs). The framework comprises the Web Service Level Agreement (WSLA) language, designed to specify SLAs in a flexible and individualized way, a system to provision resources(More)
When a disk drive's access arm is idle, it may not be at the ideal location. In anticipation of future requests, movement to some other location may be advantageous. The effectiveness of anticipatory disk arm movement is explored. Various operating conditions are considered, and the reduction in seek distances and request response times is determined for(More)
Seasonal and intersexual dynamics in parameters of the length-weight relationship of the mudskipperPeriophthalmus barbarus, from Imo River estuary, Nigeria, were studied. The proportionality constant or intercept (a) was aseasonal in males, but in females it was significantly higher in the dry season (November–April) than during the rains (May–October) due(More)
A remote backup database system tracks the state of a primary system, taking over transaction processing when disaster hits the primary site. The primary and backup sites are physically isolated so that failures at one site are unlikely to propogate to the other. For correctness, the execution schedule at the backup must be equivalent to that at the(More)
This paper presents an overview of key factors a ecting performance of Web sites which may be using Web services protocols. We show how Web sites can be scaled with load balancers sending requests to multiple servers which can be distributed for both improved performance and availability. Caching, load balancing, and replication are critical components for(More)