Richard P. Di Fabio

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The onset latency and discharge amplitude of preprogrammed postural responses were evaluated in order to determine if the structure of synergistic activation could be altered by ligamentous laxity at the knee joint. Twelve subjects with unilateral and one subject with bilateral anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) insufficiency were tested while standing on a(More)
Peripheral sensory modulation of balance behavior may require a “calibrated” mechanism which would maintain upright standing by a feedback control of torque at the ankle joint. The calibration of human balance was studied using a systematic presentation of perturbation excursions and velocities in normal freely standing subjects. All perturbations(More)
The relative sparing of visual fixation in parallel with disruption of saccade function in progressive supranuclear palsy (PSP) creates a unique human model for the study of gaze-shift strategies which are adopted when vertical gaze palsy impairs primarily the eye-movement component of gaze control. It was hypothesized that people with PSP would rely on(More)
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